Red Alert America!


“There will be terror in Las Vegas, and many will die.”

Quote from page 162, written in 2008
   What’s happening in America? The news is full of tragic events, with devastating hurricanes, unprecedented flooding, forest fires raging out of control, and now a crazy attack in Las Vegas that killed almost 60 people and wounded hundreds.
   Is there a message in all this? Read Red Alert America by Deborah Nazemi, a book that calls for heart change, explains the condition of America, and offers hope.
   In the book, Deborah prophesied many of the events that have been happening, including terror in Las Vegas.
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Listen to this riveting song, American Anthem, a call to the nation.

What Do We Do Now?

What Does It All Mean?

Prophecies in the Book that have happened

Increased animal attacks on Americans

There has been a tremendous increase in animal attacks since 2006

Our children are targeted for destruction

An increasing number of violent and sexual attacks have occurred against children and young adults, including kidnappings for human trafficking

Disasters greater than Katrina

Devastating fires, tornadoes hurricanes and other storms have decimated cities


  • Shocking but True!

    “Shocking, but true is Deborah Nazemi’s prophetic book, RED ALERT AMERICA, Sound the Alarm! A must-read for every Christian.”

    Sid Roth
    "It's Supernatural" television show
  • Awake, Awake

    “While reading this book, RED ALERT AMERICA!, two scriptures jump to mind, “Awake, awake O Zion”. Found in Isaiah 52:1 and also Romans 13:11. “And do this, understanding the present time. The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber”.

    In this book, Deborah has both historically and prophetically blown the trumpet of alarm for the church in America to see, “how she has fallen” from her God given destiny and purpose. A nation founded on Christianity and a church that has affected the world, has fallen into a deep sleep of huge apathetic proportions. Much of the gospel preached today is the, “all about me gospel!” The church follows Hollywood.

    Surely it is time to awake again, and take our God given place. Many are waiting to “get out of here” and leave the world to itself and quote, “pending judgments”. Rather than take our God given mandate and authority to bring about true change, that only the real church can do.

    I recommend you read this with open heart and mind then, “Rise Up O Church of America!”

    Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis
  • Prophetic in Nature

    “Prophetic in nature, RED ALERT AMERICA! quickened me to my very core. It stirred me in such a way that throughout my reading it, I had to stop to pray, write and many times-simply weep. This is God’s word to the Church in America and Deborah is the voice through which He is speaking it.”

    Traci Shellman
    Highway of Holiness, Transformation Fellowship
  • The clarion call of God is ringing loudly

    “RED ALERT AMERICA!, the book penned by Deborah Nazemi is an appropriate title for such a time as this.  A time where the clarion call of God is ringing loudly to a nation, the church, and its people to repent.

    Deborah provides a warning of imminent danger with a passionate conviction to see a nation and a people live according to its destiny and purpose.  This book not only convicts but consciously awakens the heart and mind of the reader to spiritually and critically re-evaluate their own relationship with God.  Often times, we are so blinded by our desires and worldly pleasures that we can’t see, hear, or sense the move of God’s hand to bring order and stability to chaos created by the enemy!

    This book is a must-read as Deborah Nazemi presents a balanced approach to the doctrine of salvation, redemption, restoration, and sanctification.  If you are concerned and/or dissatisfied with the welfare of our churches, the degradation of our communities, and the separation of families; the book RED ALERT AMERICA! will propel you to demonstrate the power of God by becoming a willing vessel who is not ashamed of the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

    Deborah not only convicts the reader, but encourages the reader that God’s grace is everlasting and His mercy endures through all generations!”

    Eliakim Thorpe
    Speaker, Entrepeneur
  • Deborah has Done her Homework

    Deborah has done her homework and has been gifted by God to summon a warning to this Country! In her book, RED ALERT AMERICA!, her balanced exposition of the coming events is a breath of fresh air amid the noise concerning the End Times.”

    Jose L. Bosque
  • Astounding and Accurate

    “Astounding and accurate prophecy with regard to a ‘sounding the alarm’ message for America.”

    Reverend Valeriana
  • This Book is Going to Touch Many Lives

    “I truly believe this book couldn’t have come at a better time; God chose Deborah to bring it forth for such a time as this! This book is going to touch many lives. ”

    Pamela Bankston


Why I wrote Red Alert America, Sound the Alarm!  

There are two churches in America. The church of “It’s all about me”, and the church of “It’s all about Him.” The church of “It’s all about Him” has been praying and working in His kingdom, while the church of “It’s all about me” has been asleep. Red Alert America, Sound the Alarm! is for both churches.

It is an encouragement to those who are faithful, and a trumpet call for the sleeping Bride to awaken and take her place alongside the faithful Bride in order to bring revival and transformation to America – and the world. I wrote the first version of the book in 2008, and re-released it with the new title and minor revisions and updates on September 11, 2011 (09/11/11). I feel that every Christian in America should have a copy because this prophetic message from the Lord is so timely. He is calling out to us for such a time as this.

Are you concerned about the condition of America? Are you concerned about the condition of the church? Is there hope for America? Is judgment coming? Do you want to know what God is saying to us in this critical hour? Many of the prophetic words in the book have come to pass and some have yet to occur, but I believe with the correct response to God, we can change the future.

There are many books about the plight of America, but we all need answers from above. What is our next step? How can we save our nation? I encourage you to pick up a copy for yourself and order extra copies for people you care about. It is one of the best gifts you can give someone. If you want to order multiple copies for a church or organization, please contact me via my contact page to find out about group discounts. If you have ever loved the Lord now or in the past, the message in this book is for you and for those you love. It will challenge your heart. Embracing its message can change your life forever.

Deborah is available for interviews, or to speak at your event.

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