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A Woman of Vision

Deborah Nazemi is just an ordinary woman with extraordinary vision to make an impact on the world around her. A mother of 5 adult sons, Deborah has always had a drive to make a difference in the lives of others. She didn’t have an easy life, just like many others, but she has learned to use her life experiences to grow in her personal life. She has learned through painful and sometimes impossible situations, that trusting God is the only way forward.

With a love of learning, Deborah is self-taught on many subjects. She was the first woman car salesperson in her town when she was 19, worked as a waitress, modeled, acted in plays, commercials, & video, taught herself how to direct, and created a successful acting curriculum & business that she taught in several places. Deborah has worked with troubled youth, sold cosmetics, owned an exotic bird business, did advertising layouts, taught art, house-managed a theater, produced large events and plays, owned several businesses, produced a CD, pastored a church, and has ventured out into many other things. Some of these things were successful, and others not so much. However, Deborah feels that each experience taught her a new skill that could be utilized in leadership and ministry, and she is now well prepared for the call of God on her life as a leader, entrepreneur, and minister.

Deborah says that the most important part of her journey has been developing a deep relationship with God, even when she was in the midst of tremendous loss, crippling grief, loneliness, and disappointment. In the midst of all her suffering, she learned to know the voice of God, and discovered that only He could lift her from the despair, give her new hope, heal her heart, and change her path.

In all of Deborah’s writing, including songs, plays, and books, there are reflections of her own journey. She authors books for the same reason she writes and sings music, creates elaborate productions, and speaks publicly. Her motivation and hope are that those who come to her presentations or read her books will be impacted as they hear of her experiences and be transformed. Deborah’s writing has a prophetic edge. She takes what God speaks to her about life, our nation, or His kingdom, and creates a story-line or a message based on what she has been shown.

Deborah is a public speaker, but because of her background, her events often include music and a dramatic element to enhance the message in a way that the audience will enjoy and remember.

Deborah’s Facebook: http://Facebook.com/DeborahNazemi.America

Deborah is available for conferences, special services, worship concerts, evangelistic concerts, crusades, and other ministry events.

Deborah is available for radio & television and print interviews, and media events.

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