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Deborah has had a long journey through a painful and difficult childhood, and devastating situations as a young adult. Because of these situations in her life, she feels that she can relate to and encourage almost anyone that God brings across her path.

Deborah is a visionary. She sees things from a large perspective, and has a passion to see the body of Christ awaken to the bigger picture of kingdom living. “There is so much need. There are so many broken people. There is so much work for us to do but there are not enough awakened Christians to reach out to the multitudes”, she says.

Deborah has dedicated herself to the ministry of impacting the lives of others through personal relationships, prophetic services, online broadcasts, music, books, and other live events. She hopes to make a deep healing impact (spirit, soul, and body) on the people of God, and to stir them to awaken and get involved in making a real difference in the world.

If this ministry has impacted you in any way, please consider a donation of any amount to help support her work.

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Deborah Nazemi
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Prophetic Blog Prophetic Messages & Encouragement


Open Heaven

RELEASE DATE : 08-01-2017

Deep worship and adoration songs that will open you up to the heavenly realm. Angels are among us, and are frequently heard when we enter deeply into His presence through abandoned worship.

06. You Alone

Face2Face Encounters

02. Let Your Kingdom Come



03. Face2Face



04. A Love Song




Love’s Passion

RELEASE DATE : 01-01-2000
RECORD LABEL : Synergy Music

A collection of passionate love songs in dance-pop to soulful styles, Deborah sings her heart out to the Lover of Her Soul. 

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Love's Passion

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